…miley cyrus… tweaking the ‘twerk’…

What hath Miley Cyrus wrought? Only in the US…

The young lady performs at some televised event. The US corporate media are horrified at her ‘twerking’, the novelty du jour in the US, and invite the outrage of viewers who choose to view. Of course, those folk in the US with exposure to or friends of other cultures, as well as folk in other countries of the world, would wonder at the level of unmatched stupidity and hypocrisy.

No media outrage, none, as the country has inflicted massive death and destruction on the innocents of other countries. But not to bother.

Those who have ever attended public festivals in the metropole such as Notting Hill Carnival in London, Caribana in Toronto, Caribbean Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn would have immediately recognized such dancing. Such performing, called ‘wining’ in the English-speaking Caribbean and ‘perreo’ in others has been going on for decades, not days. Harmless expression of self for its exponents, and taken as such by those understanding of the culture – nothing more, nothing less.

Yet in the US, no reaction, muted or otherwise, to the intractable levels of high unemployment for the young and old, man and woman, white and non-white. Or to the quality of employment and low levels of pay for the qualified. Or to the onerous burden of household debt from high interest student loans. Or to the loss of personal freedoms and privacy in virtual surveillance states. Or to the fact that no culprit in finance, not one, who had contributed to the economic crash (and coffers of politicians) has been charged. Silence of the lambs – and we had thought that that was a movie.

The oh, so very responsible corporate media would have us believe that one of the new threats to the US is now Miley Cyrus and her ‘twerking’. And apparently some scoundrel had made off with the remote control of the selectively moral.

Any further evidence needed as to why, with such ease of access to information and education, so many US citizens remain so uninformed on a gamut of issues, yet with jingoism undiminished?

But not to bother – US ‘football’ season starts. In the meantime, we introduce a new ‘raunchy’ dance, a ‘salacious’ dance, a dance to corrupt all youth and undermine civilisation – The Tango.

The sanctimoniousness – as art imitates life