Let them eat potato…

Anglo-Irish Bank helped to bring the economy of Ireland to its knees. The economy’s collapse and ensuing massive unemployment would come swiftly with the popping of the housing bubble, a bubble in which Anglo-Irish had starred. Crooked Timber has a nice recapture with its Another Day, Another Billion.

One senior official of Anglo-Irish would apologise profusely for the behaviour of its officials – but only years later when the contents of officials’ conversations were made public, especially one in which he and a colleague reveled in how they conned the unsuspecting, including senior German officials who would provide a massive bail-out. The contempt for the hoi-polloi is never disguised, even with the self-serving expression of regret. As per The Guardian article:

There was “no excuse for the terrible language or the frivolous tone,” he said. “I sincerely regret the offence it has caused. I cannot change this now but I can apologise to those who had to listen to it and who were understandably so offended by it.”

The tapes were made in 2008, when the Irish government was in talks to bail out a number of the country’s troubled banks.

German money flowed to Irish banks after the government issued a blanket guarantee for deposits.

In the recordings, Drumm can be heard laughing while a fellow Anglo Irish executive sings the German national anthem.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, reacted with anger to the tapes and expressed her contempt for the disgraced bankers.

“This is simply very hard to swallow for people who go to work normally every day, who earn their money. It really damages democracy, the social market economy and everything that we are working for,” she said.

For officials of Anglo-Irish Bank, and those in the US in particular, the arm of the law and justice would prove ever too short, or conveniently extended elsewhere in teaching a lesson to the vulnerable made desperate by rewarded wrongdoing. And an acquiescent corporate media can be relied on to provide the obligatory distractions.

However, not deterred by the continuing failure of the judicial process, Deputy Clare Daly would highlight the abandoned responsibilities of the legislative branch of government. Her earlier exposure of the fraudulence and hypocrisy of the June meeting of the G8 in Ireland would make this intervention not just obvious but critical. This intervention of TD Clare Daly in stark terms exposes the international corruption and contemptuous disregard for the people by all branches of government, even when her microphone is cut off.

The ‘reach’ of her statement would remain limited by design of corporate media – to forestall further international outrage. In the meantime as a reminder of another dire time, the exodus of the young continue from Ireland in search of survival and a life that promises a better future and some assistance for some of those left behind.