Letter Perfect…

The letter has been delivered. Yes. But will it be read?

The tendency for constant repetition of falsehoods to become ‘fact’ has been the mainstay of the corporate media. The advent of the internet and independent bloggers, as well as the few remaining independent media, has now exposed that tendency and its dishonesty. In the case of Latin America, the reflex vilification of any leader who espouses the welfare of its citizens instead of surrender of the country’s independence and, in particular, its natural resources to foreign corporate interests has worn thin.

The same vilification and persecution follow those individuals who attempt to expose deceit and illegality. Edward Snowden’s recent revelations have incriminated the corporate media with their deliberate conspiracy of silence and abandonment of their professional obligations and ethics. Though more revelations will come, no more are really needed to pronounce the verdict.

In light of the fact that so few US citizens know so little beyond ‘headline’ news and the falsehoods, a distinguished committee of eminent scholars on Latin America has penned a letter that seeks to inspire more critical thinking on the part of the deliberately misinformed public. Though ostensibly directed at the media as An Open Letter to the Media on the ‘Irony’ of Snowden’s Request for Asylum in Venezuela and Ecuador, the target is the disengaged. Here is an excerpt that touches on the role of whistle-blowers demonised for their exposing of what the corporate media have been failing to do.

The true irony in the cases of Snowden, Assange, Manning and others is that the U.S. government, while claiming to defend freedom of the press, speech and information, has launched an assault on the media that is unprecedented in U.S. history. The extreme lengths to which it has gone to apprehend (witness the forced downing of President Evo Morales’ plane in Austria) and punish (Bradley Manning being the most obvious example) whistle-blowers is clear. Apparently less understood by some U.S. journalists is that it is part of an assault on these very freedoms that the U.S. government pretends to uphold.

And the irony of ironies is that the same media that with such alacrity had abdicated their journalistic responsibilities at the behest of the US government, now find their own freedom, of the press and of the individual, more diminished – even with the threat of jail time for what had been hitherto accepted as ‘investigative journalism’. Clearly, the ‘Fourth Estate’ is in a state, made worse by a continually deceived public that increasingly gravitates to newspapers like The Guardian (UK) and the Independent and blogs like Common Dreams and Truth-Out and DemocracyNow, and cable news and online news like RT and AJE and France24 for a different perspective.

The unmasking is total. Peter Hart shows where the US corporate media really do excel, in particular the NYT with its, ‘With a Royal Baby Due, News Outlets Are on High Alert‘ – though cable ‘news’ such as Fox and CNN which bombard the world are far ‘superior’ in such frivolousness. So, will the letter be read? One guess.