Leprechaunomics, begorra!

The luck of the Irish. This one we couldn’t invent. If even Dean Baker couldn’t believe it, who then are we? And when the usually staid, data-focused Calculated Risk joins the fray, we know we’re up a creek and hoping the Irish Times is, well, being impishly Irish with its tale, Recession out of the picture as Fermanagh puts on a brave face for G8leaders”.

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On 17 and 18 June 2013, the G8 leaders are to meet in Fermanagh, Ireland. And if that wasn’t bad luck enough for the Irish (and the unprivileged rest of the world), it was necessary to transmogrify evident signs of severe economic distress into sparkling and booming affluence. So in came the Leprechaunomists with their magic, inspired by one (case of) Guinness too many. Poof! No severe economic downturn. No brutal unemployment. The magic of Expansionary Austerity.

The blarney will meet the, the, well, to adapt Alvy Singer, “I happen to have Prof Frankfurt’s essay right here”. No pot- o’-gold for the Irish at the end of this rainbow.

Update, 21 June: Aside that comical, obligatory photo-op of posing with a Guinness, we have an incisive, withering take-down of the farce, the hypocrisy

We give praise to Honourable Clare Daly with this special shamrock.